Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dark Angel Predator WIP

Here is a WIP from Dan playing Dark Angels. He's still working on the details, weathering (alot of it) and highlights, but it's worth showing. Enjoy !

Monday, April 28, 2014

Grey Knights Painting WIP

As per the title ! I'm working on some Grey Knights (all magnetized) for a gift to a friend between making bawkses to move to another house.

I'm pretty much just started, only base layers etc. Enjoy !

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Painting WIP of an Imperial Knights

Here is an Imperial Knight from the same guy that made the Nemesis Dreadnought in the last post. It's a WIP, the painting is not yet finished. The house is a Freelance one, custom made fluff-wise by the creator, named Durance House. Enjoy !

Venerable Dreadnought

Here is a slick conversion from our BA/GK player. We all think that the Games Workshop Dreadknight model is atrocious. He went further and actually corrected it with some modeling. Here are some pictures :

Enjoy !

Batrep april 26th 2014

Between conversions and painting, some games ! 

First is a 2000pts Emperor's Will game between Dark Angel and Ultramarine. The list are (top of my head):

Dark Angel

ELITE (all as troop)
Deathwing Terminator x5 (assault cannon)
Deathwing Terminator x5 (assault cannon)
Deathwing Terminator x5 (missile launcher)
Deathwing Terminator x10 (hammernator)

Spartan Assault Tank

The Ultramarine list :

Captain (shield + hammer)
Honor Guard (banner)

Legion of the Damned x6 (Multi-melta + Meltagun)

Sniper Scout x7 (+ Telion)
Shotgun Scout x5 (Landspeeder Storm + beacon)
Tactical Squad x10 (Heavy Bolter)
Tactical Squad (Plasma Gun + Combi-Plasma + Rhino)

Stormtalon (Skyhammer + Assault Cannon)

Predator (lascannon + sponson lascannon)

The Dark Angel wanted to put his hammernator with the two HQ inside the landraider to have enough unit on the board to help him deepstrike everything to conquer rapidly the board to take care of the two objectives. As the Ultramarine player I wanted to sit tight until the Spartan was destroyed or the other terminators were on the board so I could lay down a ton of shots which would make him fail test and loose them (which he did, as you will see).


The deployment was rolled as hammer and anvil. There would be night figthing on turn one. The Ultramarine would deploy and go first. This was the deployment (you will have to excuse the new building which isn't painted yet) from the Ultramarine side :

Dark Angel side :

The two objectives were placed at the bottom of the Tower of Redemption and inside the building (the non-painted one). 

Snipers looking at the landraider, praying the Emperor's name that something will be able to deal with that thing... 


At the end of turn one, things were uneventful. Landraider scored a glance on the Predator, the Landraider + Predator shot scored a glance on the Landraider. The Rhino and Landspeeder moved foward, the snipers played cards with the Tactical Squad of boltgun. 


At the end of turn two, everything had changed. The Legion of the Damned entered and went straight for the upper level of the building adjacent to the Landraider to get a clear shot at it. The Rhino changed its course to get in the street between the building and the landspeeder waited its turn. Everything Lascannon shot and failed to do anything at the Landraider (as always), same for the non-melta melta (ceramite plating yeah). But out of nowhere, the Vindicator did a pen thanks to Ordnance and exploded the Landraider. Things had changed. Snipers dropped the cards and shot everything in the termi, same for the tactical squad in the rhino (one fire point at least) and the tactical squad with the heavy bolter. Alot of wound weren't saved (too much) which killed some termis and did some wound on Belial, the Dark Angel Warlord. 

At the Dark Angel turn, everything went bad. Everything deepstroke and was ready for the kill, but victory was not granted: not only did the Spartan explode, but most things failed to hit, wound or pen. It looked grim on the Dark Angel side. At least the Rhino was cracked. 

Bolter battle after the Rhino went crazy...

Some Tactical Squad took the beating, at least the Sergeant is still there...

Ignore the flyer brothers, we have a quarrel with the Vindicator... 


At the end of turn three, things were still going one way. Most of the hammernator were decimated by the steel rain and air strike, the vindicator did its job at almost whipping a whole terminator squad, the Legion of the Damned were alive and strong thanks to their 3++. 

End of T3 Ultramarine : 

At least the Deathwing were able to destroy the Vindicator and Landspeeder that was harassing them with the Heavy Flamer and Shotguns. 

End of T3 Dark Angel :


At the end of turn four, things had changed. The Honor Guard charged from their Landraider only to meet their doom and die horribly, and their Captain only joining them the turn after thanks to instant death (Str 8 vs T4). The Scouts (except for one heroic model who did not died at all) suffered the same fate, and thanks to armour made by the same guy who made the terminator armor of those who died fast at the beginning of the game, the Tactical Squad with plasma lost some mens too. 


Turn 5 and 6 can be summed up as the ''chase for the last terminators alive''. Telion got the last one with a rending on its sniper, the last vehicle and Marine got the last one. He made an heroic stand. 

Come get some...

Final points : 
Ultramarine 5 (First Blood, Slay the Warlord, one objective)
Dark Angel 1 (Slay the Warlord)

Yet the game was somewhat tight : had the game ended on turn 4, Belial was still alive, there was a terminator in the Ultramarine zone and the Dark Angel had an objective, which would have ended as a 5-4. But since the game continued and ended on turn 6, the Ultramarine had the time to take back the situation and exterminate them all. NO SHELTER FROM THE STEEL RAIN. 

Overall, both of the lists were made for fun (I can honostly say that Honor Guard are a total failure), and we had the chance to see that even with ceramite plating, Spartan are not invincible. 

Fun game. Some sniplets of the other game between Chaos Space Marine (World Eater/Khorne) and Black Templars which was won by the Heretics :

Death from above...

Cultists around their Lord facing the Templars on their battlement...

The Greater Daemon facing the Terminator forces of the Imperium...

There was also a game after that between Dark Angel and Necrons which was won by the Deathwing. Some pictures :

Deployment... seems familiar on the Dark Angel side... 

The battle is raging on... No mandatory gains... 

Necrons warrior moving foward toward the Plasma Generator with their Triarch... 

There was also a big game between Eldar/Dark Eldar and Chaos Space Marines against the Astartes (Ultramarine and Black Templar). The map was relic (chosen for the violent potential of such battles), deployment Dawn of War. There will be no formal batrep for multiple reasons, but everything happened in turn 3 and 4. By the end of turn 3 already, we all knew that the Eldar side would win. For different reasons: I made a bad call to my partner for deployment (we wanted to assault one flank of the line they had made across the board for deployment, but it backfired since we didn't do enough damage and their mobility i.e. Wave Serpent were already able to hit us turn 2), we had some badluck (500 pts+ of reserve only arrived at the end thanks to 1s and 2s), and finally Eldar are goddamn strong ! It was a very fun game otherwise. Some highlight : a Chapter Master on bike with full gear (thunder hammer, shield eternal, artificer, etc.) being tarpitted by stupid birds and dogs of the beastmaster; turn 1 wraithknight kill by the epic Sternguard of the Black Templars; the lonely and retarded Helbrute doing his things like in each game (he always ends up doing NOTHING, no wound, no pen, only 1s); etc. 

Some pictures :

Move in force brothers... 


Rolling through the ruins with the sight of the Wraithknight towering over all...

Where's the Wraithknight ?... The taller they are, the harder the fall... 

Xenos Skimmers moving to flank the Imperium position with the Dreadclad landing behind... 

The Daemon charging the puny Sternguards...

Tarpit Inc. 

Lazering their way to victory... 

War Walkers outflanking the Imperium tanks from the other side... 

The battle rages on... 

This is gonna hurt... 

I hope you had some fun watching this ! More batreps next time we play. When our next campaign start, there will be more narrative and no more proxies or unpainted stuff (at least that's what we hope). 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

General Update : My Camera Is Back !

Since my camera just got back, I was able to take some pictures to entertain the different WIPs.

Here we go with the full arsenal of snipers :

Here is the full lascannon/heavy sniper (plus some shots of my attempt at doing 40k AA-12 Shotgun in the bottom for my shotgun vets) :

Finally two random sniper with Mad Larkin Long Las :

I must say that Larkin's sniper is kick-ass. Having known the result would be that cool, I think I would have ordered only those parts and do that for all the guns. Well the others are cool too so it's not a big problem ! For those of you that wonder, the main part (the actual lasgun) is from the Scions kit. Kitbashing !

Some shots of the first model of the Tanith with the Colonel-Commissar Gaunt :

As you can see there is alot of non-model things on the picture. My space is rather small for the couple of weeks since we're moving.

Another WIPs : a Sisters of Battle superheavy and an Inquisition one. Mostly with bits and stuff, no full kit involved. They are both primed but not painted. The SOB one because I don't know how to paint it (I have to figure out my SOB paint scheme!), and the Inquisition one because I only have a Coteaz and psykers painted right now and therefore my priority would be to finish my acolyte, chimeras (which I don't have), etc.

And finally some magnetized Stormtroopers from the new kit (which I find great, except for the price). They are fully magnetized, even vox caster, different option for the sergeant, etc. I decided to try and paint my magnet this time, so as you can see on the models, they are visible (even replacing a broken part of a arm that I snapped) and I don't know what will be the result.

I have three valkyrie in the making, so I'm gonna aim for 2 squad and a command squad. The command squad pieces are badass, especially with berets.

That's all for today. I will be quite slow for the coming weeks because I move to another house, but I will try to keep updated and move foward with some of the painting. I wait for your critics and thoughts, thanks for reading.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Introduction to the blog

Greetings to everyone. This is the introductory post of the blog and I will try to make it quick. I will divide it into two parts : first of all why am I doing this blog, and in the second part, a little WIP for my Tanith, and what about them. 

The idea behind this blog is quite simple. While searching on the web for pictures, articles, WIP, ideas, conversions, etc. of Warhammer 40k, I discovered a lot of people showing what they do, how they do it and why they do it. This helped me a lot to learn tricks about painting, scuplting, converting, terrain, etc. Sometimes, some people would try something, and learning from that experimentation I would adapt it to my need in order to do something else completly and it would work with great results ! Therefore this blog is not to show my talent, because there are much better people out there at everything. Actually to be quite frank, I'm rather a tabletop painter and I'm okay with conversions and terrain building. But I love 40k, I have a lot of ideas and some of them may help people better than me elsewhere ! 

About the Tanith. I must say that I fell in love with the 40k universe while I was a teenager, maybe 13 or 14 years old, while seeing some friends playing the game in their basement with one of the guy dad (I must add that those people stopped at some point playing, and two years ago, when I started playing the actual game, I made them restart their gaming, and now we form this gaming group!). Since then, I've explored the universe, the video games, the movie, even the books. I started playing Imperial Guard two years ago. I made a Cadian expeditionary force (pictures maybe in future post) centered around the team of wasteland and mountain fighting (all sand coloured camouflaged). But after reading about the Tanith, I fell in love with them. Since my first army is not 100% perfect in terms of painting, I decided to sell it and do another IG army, this time Tanith. By the way, because of some problems to get the book, I have not yet finished the series. So no spoiler here please ! I'm still finishing the Honor Guard series. 

As of now, I have all the pieces, bits, models, etc. here. I just need to convert, build and paint them all. It will be a long WIP, and I will try to keep you updated, especially with the conversion and painting since it can give others some ideas. I am trying to build a force with this : 
- Gaunt
- Command Squad (the one from GW with Milo, Corbec, etc.)
- 6 veteran squad with magnet option
- 2 Ratling squad (that will be Scout Squad count-as for the ratling)
- Some artillery pieces
- Some Tauros (not Taurox) since they use some kind of bugey in the Ghostmaker book
- Some bikes (count-as rough riders), for the same reason as above
- Primaris Psyker (probably Milo and Agun Soric since they can either see the future or have small psychic ability)
The force is a ''time compression''. I do not aim at a particular moment in the book. Maybe I will do Commissar Hark also, so it would be before people really starts to die but after Verunhive I guess. I will add some female therefore to the squad, mostly the sniper one. 

With all this, I'm gonna try to finish a Tempestus force as ally and Inquisition one too. One day I wish to do a Sister of Battle army too in order to complement all this force. I already made the superheavy for the Inquisition and SOB (a custom baneblade variant for each). I'm also painting a Warhound Titan with the Legio Invictus colour (a legion that participated in the actual Sabbat Crusade). 

You will therefore see all this, plus terrain (I'm a huge terrain builder, one of my friend says that I'm a ''terrain factory'') and other fun project (like painting a magnetized Grey Knight squad for a gift to a friend). I will also speak of the campaign we are doing at my gaming group, and also post some batreps when they are worth it. Just to give a general ideas, here are the armies :
- Dark Angel
- Black Templar
- Necron
- Ultramarine/World Eater/Dark Eldar
- Imperial Guard (me)
- Blood Angel/Grey Knight
- Eldar
We have a couple of other friends that come and go, but those are the one that mostly plays. 

For now I have a problem with my pictures and my camera, so I will only show you one small WIP and in the next days more and more ! 

I'm working right now on two sniper variant. A Heavy Sniper (count-as Lascannon) and a Needle Sniper variant (normal Sniper Rifle). 

This is the idea for the lascannon variant. The model is from Anvil Industry, I just added more lenght to the cannon in order to make it look like a .50 real sniper, which is anti-tank (at least light tank). 

This is the normal variant. I must add that they do great bits and pieces (I also bought some pouches and other types of scope that I will add to the lasgun of the Tanith). 

So this is it. It ended up being quite a big first post, but I will try to keep the other centered around the actual WIP. Thank you, and don't hesitate to give ideas, link to other blog, questions, commentaries, etc.