Thursday, April 24, 2014

General Update : My Camera Is Back !

Since my camera just got back, I was able to take some pictures to entertain the different WIPs.

Here we go with the full arsenal of snipers :

Here is the full lascannon/heavy sniper (plus some shots of my attempt at doing 40k AA-12 Shotgun in the bottom for my shotgun vets) :

Finally two random sniper with Mad Larkin Long Las :

I must say that Larkin's sniper is kick-ass. Having known the result would be that cool, I think I would have ordered only those parts and do that for all the guns. Well the others are cool too so it's not a big problem ! For those of you that wonder, the main part (the actual lasgun) is from the Scions kit. Kitbashing !

Some shots of the first model of the Tanith with the Colonel-Commissar Gaunt :

As you can see there is alot of non-model things on the picture. My space is rather small for the couple of weeks since we're moving.

Another WIPs : a Sisters of Battle superheavy and an Inquisition one. Mostly with bits and stuff, no full kit involved. They are both primed but not painted. The SOB one because I don't know how to paint it (I have to figure out my SOB paint scheme!), and the Inquisition one because I only have a Coteaz and psykers painted right now and therefore my priority would be to finish my acolyte, chimeras (which I don't have), etc.

And finally some magnetized Stormtroopers from the new kit (which I find great, except for the price). They are fully magnetized, even vox caster, different option for the sergeant, etc. I decided to try and paint my magnet this time, so as you can see on the models, they are visible (even replacing a broken part of a arm that I snapped) and I don't know what will be the result.

I have three valkyrie in the making, so I'm gonna aim for 2 squad and a command squad. The command squad pieces are badass, especially with berets.

That's all for today. I will be quite slow for the coming weeks because I move to another house, but I will try to keep updated and move foward with some of the painting. I wait for your critics and thoughts, thanks for reading.

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