Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Introduction to the blog

Greetings to everyone. This is the introductory post of the blog and I will try to make it quick. I will divide it into two parts : first of all why am I doing this blog, and in the second part, a little WIP for my Tanith, and what about them. 

The idea behind this blog is quite simple. While searching on the web for pictures, articles, WIP, ideas, conversions, etc. of Warhammer 40k, I discovered a lot of people showing what they do, how they do it and why they do it. This helped me a lot to learn tricks about painting, scuplting, converting, terrain, etc. Sometimes, some people would try something, and learning from that experimentation I would adapt it to my need in order to do something else completly and it would work with great results ! Therefore this blog is not to show my talent, because there are much better people out there at everything. Actually to be quite frank, I'm rather a tabletop painter and I'm okay with conversions and terrain building. But I love 40k, I have a lot of ideas and some of them may help people better than me elsewhere ! 

About the Tanith. I must say that I fell in love with the 40k universe while I was a teenager, maybe 13 or 14 years old, while seeing some friends playing the game in their basement with one of the guy dad (I must add that those people stopped at some point playing, and two years ago, when I started playing the actual game, I made them restart their gaming, and now we form this gaming group!). Since then, I've explored the universe, the video games, the movie, even the books. I started playing Imperial Guard two years ago. I made a Cadian expeditionary force (pictures maybe in future post) centered around the team of wasteland and mountain fighting (all sand coloured camouflaged). But after reading about the Tanith, I fell in love with them. Since my first army is not 100% perfect in terms of painting, I decided to sell it and do another IG army, this time Tanith. By the way, because of some problems to get the book, I have not yet finished the series. So no spoiler here please ! I'm still finishing the Honor Guard series. 

As of now, I have all the pieces, bits, models, etc. here. I just need to convert, build and paint them all. It will be a long WIP, and I will try to keep you updated, especially with the conversion and painting since it can give others some ideas. I am trying to build a force with this : 
- Gaunt
- Command Squad (the one from GW with Milo, Corbec, etc.)
- 6 veteran squad with magnet option
- 2 Ratling squad (that will be Scout Squad count-as for the ratling)
- Some artillery pieces
- Some Tauros (not Taurox) since they use some kind of bugey in the Ghostmaker book
- Some bikes (count-as rough riders), for the same reason as above
- Primaris Psyker (probably Milo and Agun Soric since they can either see the future or have small psychic ability)
The force is a ''time compression''. I do not aim at a particular moment in the book. Maybe I will do Commissar Hark also, so it would be before people really starts to die but after Verunhive I guess. I will add some female therefore to the squad, mostly the sniper one. 

With all this, I'm gonna try to finish a Tempestus force as ally and Inquisition one too. One day I wish to do a Sister of Battle army too in order to complement all this force. I already made the superheavy for the Inquisition and SOB (a custom baneblade variant for each). I'm also painting a Warhound Titan with the Legio Invictus colour (a legion that participated in the actual Sabbat Crusade). 

You will therefore see all this, plus terrain (I'm a huge terrain builder, one of my friend says that I'm a ''terrain factory'') and other fun project (like painting a magnetized Grey Knight squad for a gift to a friend). I will also speak of the campaign we are doing at my gaming group, and also post some batreps when they are worth it. Just to give a general ideas, here are the armies :
- Dark Angel
- Black Templar
- Necron
- Ultramarine/World Eater/Dark Eldar
- Imperial Guard (me)
- Blood Angel/Grey Knight
- Eldar
We have a couple of other friends that come and go, but those are the one that mostly plays. 

For now I have a problem with my pictures and my camera, so I will only show you one small WIP and in the next days more and more ! 

I'm working right now on two sniper variant. A Heavy Sniper (count-as Lascannon) and a Needle Sniper variant (normal Sniper Rifle). 

This is the idea for the lascannon variant. The model is from Anvil Industry, I just added more lenght to the cannon in order to make it look like a .50 real sniper, which is anti-tank (at least light tank). 

This is the normal variant. I must add that they do great bits and pieces (I also bought some pouches and other types of scope that I will add to the lasgun of the Tanith). 

So this is it. It ended up being quite a big first post, but I will try to keep the other centered around the actual WIP. Thank you, and don't hesitate to give ideas, link to other blog, questions, commentaries, etc. 

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