Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Batrep, the First of the 7th : Black Templars/Imperial Guard vs Dark Eldar, Chaos Space Marine and Chaos Daemons

Greetings ! Here is another batrep from our gaming group. We decided to do a mission with the Stronghold Assault Codex with some modification. The goal of the attacker was to kill units and destroy the Fortress, the defender had to kill units and defend the Fortress. 

We used the newly 7th edition with some modifications. Here are some things that we modified (and will probably continue to do so) :

- Tanks exploding give craters (we like it too much, especially when it's a superheavy exploding or doing the explosion)
- Invisibility reverting to its 6th state and replacing the Shrouded spell by the now defunct Puppet Master
- Challenge ends when one of both die, not until the end of the turn fight subphase
- Some form of gentleman limits on summoning stuff
- Keeping some fluff limits with unbound armies

So we did a 1000 + 1000 against 1000 + 1000. The defender had first turn, and we rolled for nightfight (which didn't happen). 

This is the board after deployment. This is the list from the top of my head :

Imperial Guard (please excuse the proxy on the image, I had not some of the models with me as I didn't think anyone would play my guard) :
- 2 LRBC
- 1 LR Demolisher
- 1 Wyvern
- 1 CCS with lascannon and plasma
- 2 Veteran squad with missile and grenade launcher with camocloaks

Black Templar :
- 2 Speeder
- 2 Squad of Neophyte/Marine
- 1 Squad of Termi
- Emperor's Champion

Chaos Space Marine :
- Juggerlord
- Cultists
- Berseker in Rhino
- Sorcerer ML 3 (testing the new psychic phase)

Dark Eldar/Demon (actually they were not allied, but I happened to play both of them so that I would play +- 1000 like the other guys; also, it was an unbound army which, fluffwise, was a squadron of DE helping some CSM attacking an Imperial Fortress with the Sorcerer summoning some Daemons before the fight) :
- Big Demon of Khorne
- Hounds
- Ravager
- Raiders with warriors
- Venom with trueborn

After the first turn, it was not very clear. The different lance didn't do much on the fortress, the spell we had didn't do much also, the Deamon took a wound, some cultists and dogs got killed. On the Imperial side, not much happened. Some guards died. We knew it would be like this : the second turn was the most important since the Khorne guy was in range and the DE made a big leap foward.

On turn two, the Wyvern did its job. Alot of cultist died. ALOT. That tank is a beast. I will definitivly add more to my future list. Rerolling stuff in this game is gold. If you reroll both times, its platinum.

There was some blood spilled and deamons charge foward. The dogs didn't do much, but the Khorne guy wipe the terminator squad with the help of DE shooting.

The Heldrake, as always, did pain.

On turn three, after another round of Wyvern shooting, there was no more cultist (or almost) and the LRBC feasted on the Berzerker. The Khorne guy violated the physical existence of another squad, and the DE killed another piece of the Fortress. Since we started too late, we decided to stop there. Anyway, most of the Black Templars were dead, all of the DE were still alive, and the Khorne guy was on top of everything alive and well, helped by his friend the Heldrake. The Imperials had enough.

The Fortress was now deserted, the Imperial Forces completly decimated by the Axe and the Flame...

All in all, the new rule has some cool stuff. I like how the psychic phase turns out (it was a small scale test), and some rules have neat strategic consequences (like jink). I didn't flew with the Corn Flakes since it's now useless with CC FMC, especially with a Dawn of War deployment. I charged turn 2, if I had flew, I would have charged turn 3. Not worth it. Especially if you play with the new Invisibility (which we don't). I'm not sure also of the template rule which hit multiple level of a building, etc. It defies logic. Anyway, it was a nice game and I think that with some house rules, the 7th ed. can be a real beast.

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