Sunday, May 4, 2014

Batrep (kind of...)

Before anything, I need to apologize: I said it ten times now, but since I just moved house, I don't have 100% time for WH40k. I still took time to play one game with friends last friday, and I will share with you some pictures and a mini batrep. The reason it's a mini batrep and not a batrep is that I don't remember all the details of the game since I had no time to do it after the game.  In the next week we'll return to more pictures and more details on the batrep.

Before deployment...


 End of turn 1... 

The game was Eldar + Black Templar against Ultramarine + Chaos (we normally do fluff games, but we wanted to do a change, plus last week we played Eldar/Chaos against Space Marines and it was a massacre) with 1850+1850pts each side. The mission was The Scouring and the deployment was Hammer and Anvil.

For the first turns, we were all sure that Chaos and Ultramarine were going to win. Tigurius made the first blood since he forced the Avatar to reroll its save while giving Prescience to a Squad and helping another with its Warlord Trait (also giving us Slay the Warlord). The Chaos player was firmly staying on the objectives (we had the 4-3-3 on our side) with fearless Cultists thanks to the Helbrute dataslate. But slowly but surely the Black Templars and Eldar grinded their way against our many troops and left us without any scoring at the end of turn 5. It was a very nice game which saw epic demonstration of brute strenght by the Black Templar warlord with its Thunder Hammer and Shield Eternal.

Hope you enjoyed it !

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