Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Some WIPs : Scions, Angels, Tanks and Priests

Greetings ! Since I got my camera back, I'm gonna show you some of the stuff I'm working on right now.

1. St Sabbat

I'm working on a model of St Celestine (St Sabbat) for my Sisters of Battle ''one day I will play them'' project. I still need to magnet both arms (pardon the blue stuff), and I will only glue her to the base in the very end. I will probably work on the emplacement of the head also, and I still need to arrange some details (like a cloth coming out of the shoulders/arms, some work on the collar with greenstuff, etc.). Still, a first step.

2. Priests

Some Ecclesiarchy Priest with Eviscerator (they're actually Sternguard chainsword, but they're so big on them that I'll use them as Eviscerators).

3. Statue

A decided to give a try with a new tutorial on gold. So to maximise the test, I did a Sororitas statue for objective/scenery.

3. Scions

Some airborne scions with their Commissar. I was not sure of the color scheme, but I think I like it. Very urban/air force, which is exactly what I wanted. Some of those are at a different stage of the process to give an idea.

Tons of option to paint... I'm not sure I'm gonna give that much option to the next squad. Way too long. I'm gonna do only the vox caster guy and maybe the sergeant. I'm beginning to love the idea of putting a magnet on the backpack and just slapping the weapon on it like my plasma on the fourth guy in the second Scions image.

4. Artillery Emplacement

A Medusa Emplacement (homemade to count as the one from FW with toughness etc.) that I kitbashed. The inquisitorial acolyte (12 of them are also a WIP) to give idea of the scale. The cannon is more of a Gryphon, but only IG players will know anyway.

5. Finished Coteaz

Coteaz. I'm quite satisfied with him, but I'm not quite sure as how to do a Thunder Hammer. Feel free to give idea. I think mine is ''okay'', and I don't like the ''lightning across'' type of power weapons. If you have any idea, shoot them to me !

6. Tanks

Some tank support for my Tanith forces. I still don't know what regiment they will be : do I create a new one, or do I take one from the book ? Either way, here is a tank commander (count as Pask maybe) with a magnetized Punisher Cannon and two of his friends below.

Enjoy ! Feel free to give commentaries.


  1. Wow that's a wide variety of projects! Really like how the tanks came out. Good desert style theme.

    Every time I see those scion models...it makes me want to buy them. They just look so cool.

    1. They do ! The head is the coolest piece. My Inquisition acolyte I'm working on also have those helmets. And they have a great deal of detail and stuff going on them, it's easy to paint have a great feel.