Monday, June 9, 2014

Review : HobbyZone Paint Stands

This will be a quite informal review of product of paint stand. I ordered one for my vallejo painting and one to organize my brush and painting space.

See for yourself (with some project on it) :

Pros :

- Good spacing, great organization of the space avalaible
- Very easy to build
- Quite cheap if you think about it. Of course it's not plastic or anything that cost alot, but still, it's quite cheap since I have no time to build one myself
- Good customization (you can order alot of different stuff like corner, paint space for Vallejo pot or Citadel one, etc.)

Cons :
- Not the most sturdy material, but still not bad. I broke something (very minor) while building it since I was putting too much pressure. But unless you're a retard like me, it shoudn't break if you use it to paint and model.

Overall I'm very happy, and my working space is MUCH MUCH MUCH better now. No more fething ''where is my gakking paint?''. I may even buy another one for my Citadel Painting since, as you see, they don't fit the Vallejo-size one (you can see a couple of pot on the left). It's a great product if you are looking at something like this !

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