Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Back from the Depths : Astra Militarum Showcase, Crusader = Complete, A Try at Blanchitsu

Greetings to all ! I know I posted a long time ago that I would be more active. Well it didn't happened. Sorry !

Since I mostly completed stuff, but nothing too drastic, I decided to show my entire force. It would give an idea of what I have completed so far in my Inquisition/IG army. I still have some stuff to finish (Scions, Vendetta/Valkyrie, Superheavies (Knight + Warhound + Superheavy Tank variant), Inquisition Stormraven (unbound hell yeah), Death Cult Assassin, Priests, Avenger Strike Figther, Leman Russ Vanquisher, some FW Tauros, etc.), but at least its playable. I'm really not that far advanced on my Tanith force and my Zerg/Tyranid one (still progressing on the scuplt at least) so I wont take any picture of the group yet.

So here we go :

With the mighty Coteaz as the Warlord (forgive the fluffy crap around him, just got him out of what I had transported him with, which was a bad idea!) :

As I said, I have some stuff that are not completed so I didn't put them in there, but my playable force is bigger. Some of those stuff are also from when I started playing and painting and still need work (or at least rework) like the two Leman Russ on the bottom.

Here are the Crusaders for my Henchmen that I finished :

I also attempted to do a fig based on John Blanche miniature and artwork. I'm a huge fan of the guy, and he's one of the reason I like so much 40k.

I really like the result ! This model was quite fitting for the test. I'll try to do the same with some other model, and if I like it, I think I'm gonna rework all my IG infantry to fit this piece of Blanchitsu.

Also, for those of you who didn't try out yet the Tactical Objectives, I highly recommand them. It's a load of fun ! Definitivly one of the cool stuff of 7th (even if its not perfect).

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