Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Darkshroud WIP and Delays in Posting

All blog do this, so I'll do it : I'm sorry for not posting anything in the previous days (week/s?). It was free for all here. Also, most of the guy worked on their different stuff without completion and I didn't do much 40k (was away, etc.), and I forgot my camera for any form of batrep in the games we played. I will have some Inquisitorial henchmen and guard stuff in the future days (I finally got a good recipe for a grim fleshtone) and here is some work from Dan with his DA, a Darkshroud :

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Officio Assassinorum : Callidus and Eversor Painting

Here are two finished Assassin. I was not in the mood to paint black, so I tried different techniques to fast paint them. Overall I'm pretty pleased with the results. I need a new fine detail brush, I couldn't finish the gem effect on the eyes of the Callidus. Gonna finish it when I receive my new brush, mine is all destroyed.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Review : HobbyZone Paint Stands

This will be a quite informal review of product of paint stand. I ordered one for my vallejo painting and one to organize my brush and painting space.

See for yourself (with some project on it) :

Pros :

- Good spacing, great organization of the space avalaible
- Very easy to build
- Quite cheap if you think about it. Of course it's not plastic or anything that cost alot, but still, it's quite cheap since I have no time to build one myself
- Good customization (you can order alot of different stuff like corner, paint space for Vallejo pot or Citadel one, etc.)

Cons :
- Not the most sturdy material, but still not bad. I broke something (very minor) while building it since I was putting too much pressure. But unless you're a retard like me, it shoudn't break if you use it to paint and model.

Overall I'm very happy, and my working space is MUCH MUCH MUCH better now. No more fething ''where is my gakking paint?''. I may even buy another one for my Citadel Painting since, as you see, they don't fit the Vallejo-size one (you can see a couple of pot on the left). It's a great product if you are looking at something like this !

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

More Zerg WIP and Saint Sabbat

Here is a test for a Roach (Ravener) and an Infested Terran (Termagant). I will work probably on Hydralisk (Warrior) and Overlord (Malanthrope) next. I'll see what I can do with that. When I'm happy with those basic troops, I'll being mass production (which will take an eternity).

Also, I decided to redo the cloak of my St Sabbat. With some fur on the top. I think it's much better now.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Zergling Test WIP

I'm doing test for a Zerg Tyranid army. So this is a Beta test of the general outlook. I'm pretty satisfied even if the picture don't render it justice. It looks dynamic and it does ressemble the original Zergling. The liquid green stuff on the side wings is for texture.

Any comments ?

Some Objective Marker

I did finished some objective marker. The two crucified guy are from Warmachine. Very nice model for Inquisition/Adepta Sororitas objectives.

Enjoy !